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Project Management is an important part of our business; we assist the delivery of consulting and engineering services to our clients.

Through hands-on experience, we have developed tailored management systems to guide us to project completion.

Our processes outline a standard approach to complete successful delivery of all our projects, every time.


ARKK creates smart, simple and safe layouts that combine the operational requirements of the facility and considers the various constraints that are unique to each site (greenfield and brownfield). In addition, many of our team members have spent several years in the field, and as a result constructability is at the forefront of our designs.


ARKK specializes in site access roads, intersections and rail spurs that are required to connect your site to public networks.

We are familiar with regulatory processes and have developed solid relationships throughout the Canadian provinces and territories. This is how ARKK ensures timely approvals on options that are fair and reasonable to all stakeholders.

We specialize in Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) for industrial sites. Efficient traffic operations present major benefits to an operating plant, especially older ones where expansions have outpaced supporting infrastructure.


ARKK’s experience in municipal infrastructure can help support your Land Development project by providing Consulting Services and Municipal Engineering expertise.

We understand provincial and local requirements, as well as the engineering efforts to develop a fit for purpose solutions to your site development, water supply, sanitary sewer and storm water management systems. We will liaise with provincial regulators to provide your project with the required permits for environmental and transportation purposes; we will also engage 3rd parties providers to coordinate design of power distribution, telephone, data cables and natural gas networks.

Our project management capabilities will be applied to the preparation of tender documents for construction, provide construction support through site meetings, inspections, and quality assurance services – coordinate soil, water, concrete, asphalt, and other material testing with specialists – develop required approvals for as-built and record drawings, and facilitate inspections and approvals for all Certificate Completion and Acceptance Certificates.


We specialize in decomissioning, reclamation and monitoring of industrial sites and large landscape areas, such as tailings ponds, TMAs, coke cells and overburden stockpiles.

We thoroughly assess the many technical challenges involved in the design that often are unique to each site. ARKK will provide a balanced approach that is constructible, cost effective and meets regulatory requirements.

ARKK can also provide environmental monitoring to demonstrate that the design is performing as predicted.


ARKK can provide Geotechnical Services to support your project. We will do the field investigation, geotechnical assessment, and design.

We can provide recommendations for deep and shallow foundations, embankments and retaining walls. For example: tank farm foundations, embankments, retaining walls, tiebacks, braced excavations, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. If required we can provide load testing and installation monitoring.

Our approach is always to align what is needed with the phase of the project.


ARKK can support your project with our diverse capabilities in water resources.

ARKK understands the local hydrology and hydrogeology. We apply this understanding to develop tailored solutions to your water supply and management needs. We apply a wide range of sophisticated modelling tools, such as hydrologic and hydraulic models and integrated groundwater-surface water models. Taking a pragmatic approach, we support our studies and modelling with the collection and assessment of field data.

At the project outset, we focus on thoroughly understanding the existing conditions and the project needs. We then develop fit for purpose solutions using a first principles approach, while honouring existing conditions.


ARKK can deliver environmental and regulatory, civil / geotechnical and project management support services for your renewable energy project. We develop site layouts that will combine the operational requirements of any renewable energy project and respects the constraints that are present to each site. Our experience profile includes site selection and site layouts for ground-mounted solar grid systems in Alberta.


Very often what is out of sight is out of mind until it fails. Infrastructure failures can be very costly especially in an operating plant where an outage is not viable.

ARKK utilizes a risk based approach to identify critical areas and provide solutions that meet your maintenance budget.


How equipment, materials, utilities and supporting infrastructure will be sourced and brought to the site is a key consideration to all projects. ARKK has profesisonals with logistics and industrial transportation experience that can provide consulting services.


Working in the North has its unique technical and logistical challenges that require special consideration (permafrost design, short construction season, barge shipping windows, etc).

ARKK has experience working in the Canadian arctic upgrading aging infrastructure, executing snow drifting studies, design and construction management of airports and fuel storage facilities.